Abdulhadi Alamodi

Alamodi obtained his medical degree from Alfaisal University’s College of Medicine in Saudi Arabia. Currently, he is pursuing his graduate degree in physiology and Biophysics in University of Mississippi Medical Center. He has research interests in areas related to obesity, fatty liver disease, diabetes, and cancer. He is also an active publisher in the field of community medicine and medical education.




Bilal Qizilbash

Bilal Qizilbash was born in Queens, New York to awesome parents. His curious nature is at the very core of everything he endeavors to do. When he is not in the lab testing groundbreaking theories or lecturing, he ponders complexities of life and nuances of human nature.

Bilal loves to analyze and improve upon matters involving life from the cellular to the global level. He is heading a pioneering research protocol studying the effect of kale on malignant cancer cells. He has a strong vision of good health and humanity’s progression towards peace, which is readily evident in his books.

During various stages of his career, Bilal has consistently demonstrated and honed in his leadership abilities. As a child, he won the prestigious Attorney General’s Triple “C” award. This trend continued on into adulthood with the Unsung Hero and the 2016 Ansar Awards. He approaches all that he does with ingenuity, imagination, and sincerity.

He also enjoys creative writing and is the author of “Professor Meow Meow” and the “Common Sense Principles” series.