Through projects like R U Hungry, Draw A Smile offers much-needed Services

Volunteering, although not a required activity, is an important part of being a virtuous member of society. It allows one to give back to one’s community. Costing nothing but time, volunteering allows one to positively impact other’s lives, including one’s own life, through the giving of time. Giving as much time as I can to volunteering, there is one organization in particular that has made an impact on my life, and it is called R U Hungry?

Founded by a friend of mine, Bilal Qizilbash, in Jackson, Mississippi, R U Hungry?, is more of a movement than an organization. 

As a very small operation, we meet every Friday, and our mission is simple, to feed the hungry. We serve hot, delicious food to the hungry, helping fill the void in our community, by filling hungry people’s bellies, even if only for one meal.

According to feedingamerica.org, 1 in 5 people in Mississippi, the state in which I live, is hungry. This is the highest rate in the entire country, and to me, that statistic is shocking. 

Many families in my community are not able to feed their children, 20% of children go to school hungry, and that is a big deal. Hunger has proven to be a huge  problem in my community, and I am more than happy to volunteer my time in order to serve food and aid my community.

Another thing I love about R U Hungry?, is that it focuses solely on the humanity of giving rather than on the idea of pushing political/ social agendas onto people, as many other non-profit organizations sometimes do. 

Our only question is, “Are you hungry?” and if so, let us help, come have some food. At R U Hungry?, we pride ourselves on being a dependable organization, rain or shine and no matter the circumstance, a meal is provided for the hungry in Jackson, MS every Friday at 6pm.

The only issue that one could find with R U Hungry?, is the name which was originally created to speak to the illiterate (as it was found that those who cannot read often still communicate via text phrases on their phones), it is somewhat limiting in nature. The movement has big dreams, goals, and extensive projects in mind. Some of these include planting edible bushes to beautify the neighborhood, sharing smiles at local hospitals and nursing homes, and creating phone applications in order to update volunteers and those in need of changes in meetings.

Volunteering with R U Hungry? has helped me to gain perspective on my own life. I’ve found that by being around others less fortunate than myself, I have learned to appreciate and love my life more. I am so lucky, and I have so many blessings to be thankful for. 

Volunteering with Bilal’s R U Hungry?, has inspired me, and I will continue to volunteer and will continue to work hard in order to better my community.

Jackie Henry, R U Hungry Volunteer

Thank you for providing us with this wonderful meal each week. For some of us, this is the only meal we get.

Carl,  Awesome R U Hungry Attendee